This is the TEMPORARY home page for the WPmpg Project. We will be launching a WordPress based membership site here shortly. But for the moment, our efforts are going into making the WPmpg tools the best they possibly can be.

What is WPmpg? WPmpg is a system of tools that will bring dramatically more traffic to any concept that can be represented on a website. Michael Martin, one of our customers is making big money using WPmpg and teaches you how he does it, here. In addition, here are the June 2011 WPmpg / WP-3 / MOWG-WordPress “Tell-All” newbie webinars.

Like the people on the Webinar, You too can get more “miles per gallon” from WordPress with WPmpg (a metaphor for efficiency, achieving more with the same energy), WPmpg.com represents the product line WPmpg, which is short for:

  • WordPress Mass Post Generation
  • WordPress Mass Posts Generator
  • WordPress Mass Page Generation
  • WordPress Mass Pages Generator

filtered to be 40% unique, (Google requires 30%), choose one you like and/or make up more…

Here is the simplest version, the WordPress Plugin, download and install it like any other WordPress Plugin.

The WPmpg WordPress Plugin can help you generate tons of traffic.
The only prerequisites are: an internet hosting location where you can install a working WordPress site, the MOWG-Excel Toolbar, the
All-In-One-SEO-pack plugin, and the
SEOpressor plugin.

More information will be posted here shortly.

Click Here to install the WPmpg plugin for WordPress

The following commands run on our server, and require the WPmpg plugin above to be installed on your WordPress:

  • extract Build a Model Post, provide the WordPress PostId, extract it for MOWG.
  • submit After MOWG, submit your head_syn.xlsx and uniques.xlsx to your WordPress.
  • watch Watch your submit job from any device or computer, or let your client watch.
  • trash Trash all posts submitted by a Job Id, or a defined range of posts.
  • spintaxpost Create a single post containing all of your Synonym Sheet in Industry Standard SpinTax Format.

Below are Instructional Videos on how to use each of the above commands:

Click to watch if you have a Video Player installed in your Web Browser, OR right click to download. The teacher is Marcel Bolzern on most of them, and the other voice is Dave Bennett. Scott Johnson does the Trash and Install videos.

Videos for Content Preparation and Extract

Videos for the MOWG process and Submit

The MOWG part of the process is done with Dave Bennett’s MOWG-Excel Toolbar in Microsoft Excel.

Video for Watch

Video for Trash

Video for Installation and setup on HostMonster if you bought our WPmpgELP or our WPmpgTBP package:

If you liked the above tools, you’ll like our WPmpgELP and WPmpg TBP packages even more.

WPmpg Entry Level
(WPmpgELP) provides tools to build pre-configured sites rapidly, which will also draw MASSIVE traffic like a magnet, especially in concert with BackLinking. Either route the traffic where you want it, or convert the traffic into email & mailing list, or directly into sales. If you bought the WPmpg Total Business Package (WPmpgTBP), then you also have everything you need to build and promote a comprehensive business-ready website which will sell products online, allow you to set up your own Affiliate program, build a membership site, and much more.

When fully explored, WPmpg includes but goes way beyond a concept called MOWG (more on this later). We include scheduled publishing, and a keyword optimization tool for writing and polishing source articles. PLUS Complete e-store shopping cart capability, Affiliate tools both for being an affiliate, and on the opposite side for building one’s own affiliate program, a subscription membership site solution, several kinds of social media submission and integration tools, video and audio tools plus Google video sitemap submission for these. The ability to globally change posts after they are published for specific texts. SEO optimization and submission tools for other media types. Mail list building tools, contact form tools, Google stats tools, 404 error catching, captcha capability, integrated commenting with backlinking capabilities. Moderation of comments before publication with comments brought to author of blog’s attention, Editing tools, backup tools, and much much more. All of these tools are installed and dynamically activate-able, installable and uninstallable, yet also already tested to work together smoothly.

All of the above and more may be included depending on which package you own. The WPmpg Plugin, WPmpgELP, and WPmpgTBP plus professional support span the range of what we have to offer. While highly customizable, the default installation and setup for any of these packages can be completed and visible to the public in less than an hour. Then once you have your primary article, you can have the subsequent versions that Google will love posting by the thousands in a matter of hours. They’ll be indexed and drawing traffic within days (if not hours). They will rise in rankings over time, especially as you add to the site. The WPmpg concept includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and raise them to a whole new level. WPmpg is the missing piece of the puzzle for building a successful online business.

So what is MOWG? This acronym and concept invented by Dave Bennett at Website Marketing Solutions Dave Bennett’s company. and stands for Mass Optimized Webpage Generation.

Support: If you purchased WPmpgBasic, WPmpgELP, or WPmpgTBP, then you can get support at Dave Bennett’s MOWG-Crew WordPress forums (Dave will supply you with Login Credentials) or directly at WPmpg.Help [at] gmail.com. We will also be putting up a complete Membership website with forum, documentation wiki, and support desk ticket system shortly. After that we will start metering submissions, and the people who paid for our software will get credit for their purchase toward the membership and submissions made. Don’t worry it’ll be really inexpensive.

The WPmpg concept allows one to create one Google Optimized article (including determining an applicable high traffic keyword that you can acually compete on) and then post thousands of variations, to hit any possible search terms your audience might use. These pages reinforce each other’s rankings and get your site rated as a “content site”, which is what search engines prefer. WPmpg does this by providing tools for intelligent application of synonyms and equivalent phrasing. This is NOT an Article spinner because it does not just randomly apply synonyms for words in the article. Because the majority of synonyms for any particular word don’t apply in any given situation, Article Spinners create SPAM. WPmpg instead creates valid variations that both humans and search engines like.

Also following are our Affiliate links for various useful items. Please use these links to purchase as it helps us to keep improving our products for you. It won’t cost you any extra to use one of the below affiliate links, but it will help us to better afford to keep improving our products and providing support at lower prices.

These are some of the tools and services we use in and with our products:

Hosting Providers we use ourselves, all good service, good prices and include registering a domain name:

Inexpensive Software & Commercial Plugins, please use the following affiliate links to purchase the ones you want but don’t have:

We can support you better if you use the same stuff we do, so in this paragraph is a sample of the Free software which we use.
We use 7zip for all our file archive, compression and decompression needs, and if you do the same, you will be able to make and decompress .7z files, and your experience will match the support videos better. Other Windows-based software includes:

For support, we use the following:


WordPress is incredibly capable. So while we will teach you how to use the software we’ve created and assembled, you may want to learn more. For general WordPress Training, here is a HUGE collection of video tutorials you can join now. But please hold off doing this, until after you have been through our step by step video tutorial, and acomplished something useful with the powerful tools you now have at your fingertips. It’s strictly a “Learn even more” step.